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build_processStep 1 – Lot Selection

Wolf Custom Homes Sales staff will assist in finding the appropriate lot to meet their desired wishes and lifestyle if that is assistance is wanted. Wolf will also assist in assessing if there are any concerns with a lot that you may already be interested in. Wolf Custom Homes also has a variety of lots within their inventory that is available to a perspective buyer.

_MG_1950Step 2 – Initial Project Assessment

An approximate budget, construction timeline, possible costs that may arise specific to the lot or community chosen (i.e. architectural requirements, landscaping requirements, retaining walls, septic fields, etc), talk to other clients of Wolf, and deposit structure will be discussed with the client. Budget pricing will be provided based on the level of specifications desired by the client, approx size, and major features desired and elements wanted. The purpose of this stage is so that Wolf has a clear understanding of what the client is looking for, what is important to the client, and if there are any limitations that may have to be addressed. This also allows the client to get a clear understanding of what to expect from Wolf throughout the entire process right up to occupancy and completion.

_MG_2107Step 3 – Design Process

If the client is comfortable with the budget, process, team at Wolf, quality of work, and commitment of Wolf during the project and after, then the next step would be to enter into the design process. At this time, Wolf will require a design deposit and coordinate a series of meeting with our designer as well as Project Coordinator to start the design of your new custom home. This process will likely take approx 3 months, however could take longer depending on the size and complexity of the home, as well availability of the client for design meeting and timing to make decision on design changes. One way to expedite this process is for the client to accumulate pictures of homes they like, whether that be of exteriors or interiors, via magazines, or actual photographs.

Gerry-Thomas-1344Step 4 – Specifications Review

As the plans are nearing completion, the client will work with the Wolf Custom Homes Project Coordinator to review the specifications, and identify any major changes desired they would like incorporated into the original agreement. This will allow for the pricing to be comprehensive and cover all of the elements that the client desires into the original purchase contract. The client still can make modifications to the actual product(i.e. cabinets, lighting, flooring, railing, colors, etc) going into their home when they visit the Wolf Custom Homes Ltd trade partners.

25-Pinehurst-EnsuiteStep 5 – Final Pricing

Once the design has been finalized, and specifications have been reviewed as per items # 3 & # 4 above, Wolf will accumulate final pricing and present to the client. This process may take approximately 2-3 weeks, primarily depending on complexity of the home. The client will be provided a fixed price, based on the plans and specifications.

25-Pinehurst-RecroomStep 6 – Enter into ANHWP Purchase Contract

If the client is happy with the pricing as provided in # 5 above, the client and Wolf will enter into an ANHWP Purchase contract, a deposit towards the construction will be required at this time.

Pinehurst-018660Step 7 –  Submission for Architectural Control Approval

The client as well as Wolf Project Coordinator will work choose all of the elements required for Architectural Approval, including landscape plan, exterior colours etc. This will be submitted for approval to the developer.

Pinehurst-018690Step 8 – Apply for building permit and start construction

Once A/C approval has been given, plans will be submitted for a building permit and surveys, etc will be done and construction will start. During the first few months, the client will meet with various Wolf trade partners to complete their final interior selections. The Wolf Custom Homes Project Coordination will facilitate this process and provide guidance and assistance, as well coordinate walkthroughs of the home at various stages.

2Pinehurst-008246Step 9 – Notice of possession, pre-occupancy walkthrough, and walkthrough

Approx 35 days before the client’s home is complete, the client will be provided with a Possession Letter confirming the actual date for taking possession of their new home. There will be a pre-possession walkthrough of the home done approximately 1 week before actual possession. This will allow Wolf Custom Homes to rectify any minor items that may need to be corrected. The client will also be provided orientation of various components of their home such as plumbing systems, HVAC systems, alarm systems, home automation systems, etc.

Wolf-69Evergreen-6429Step 10 – First year 6 month and 12 month post possessions warranty walkthroughs

There will be 2 walkthroughs during the first year post possession to insure everything is fine, and make any minor adjustments as required, and answer any questions a client may have on their home.